Parenting Plans are written documents designed to help parents decide on the most effective way to raise their children in the aftermath of divorce.  AMS Mediation of Burnsville, Minnesota, provides parenting coaching for people going through divorce.  Parenting services such as those offered by AMS Mediation can help you design a parenting plan that will offer you a solid reference point and accountability measures related to parenting following separation or divorce, which can also help you reduce the friction between divorcing partners.  The creation of a document that describes your parenting agreement after divorce will help to hold both parents accountable for their actions and will help parents be the best parents they can be.

Parenting Coaching Services, MN

In addition to helping you create a parenting plan that will work for you, your spouse and your children, a parenting coach can help you focus on a wide variety of issues that may be impeding the divorce process.  A parenting coach can help you:

  • Develop strategies to improve communication with your divorcing spouse
  • Make plans for successful transitions with your children
  • Create reasonable boundaries as you and your spouse divorce but are committed to co-parenting
  • Address sensitive topics that come up in your family
  • Manage the impact of a new spouse.
  • Manage difficult issues that cause conflict between you and your spouse even long after your divorce is final.

Divorce Mediation Services, Burnsville MN

A wide array of issues must be taken into consideration when you navigate a divorce.  The most important thing to keep in mind at all times is your children.  Without divorce mediation support and parenting services, it is extremely difficult to reach an agreement with a divorcing partner that will hold up in court.  That makes securing the help of a mediator with the training and expertise of AMS Mediation all the more important.  AMS Mediation will provide you with thoughtful and thorough help and support.  AMS Mediation has built its flawless reputation on attention to detail, knowledge of the issues affecting divorcing couples, and best practices in the field of divorce mediation.

When working with AMS, you will be asked to consider some or all of the following components of divorce mediation:

  • Any medical or health-related issues
  • School-vacation, travel, and holiday planning
  • Spending time with extended family
  • Communication between the divorcing couple
  • Approaches to making changes to the parenting schedule
  • Financial concerns
  • Issues pertaining to children’s education/school
  • Co-curricular activities
  • The schedules of family members and how they mesh
  • Religious expression and traditions

AMS Mediation is a Minnesota leader in the field of divorce mediation and has the experience to help you and your divorcing spouse do what is in the best interests of your children.  For more information about divorce mediation services, or our parenting coaching services, call (952) 252-1492.