Understanding the legal process related to divorce is important as you embark on this difficult time. The Minnesota courts encourage, and sometimes mandate that couples participate in divorce and parenting education curriculum that can provide important information about navigating this process. AMS Mediation offers this divorce and parenting education curriculum for those living in the Burnsville and Shakopee, MN area.

Parenting Education Curriculum

The AMS Mediation team leads two classes that help couples and families understand the divorce process and how best to navigate it. These courses provide you with important information that can help you achieve a cost-effective, efficient divorce that keeps the focus on your family throughout the process. The first class entitled “A Toolkit For Navigating Your Legal Process,” covers important topics such as:

• Stress and Grieving
• The Emotions of Divorce/Uncoupling
• Domestic Violence & Complicating Factors
• Legal Process Options
• Early Neutral Evaluations
• Property Division
• Spousal Maintenance
• Child Support
• Creating Detailed Parenting Plans

The second course that our team offers is called “A Toolkit for Successful Separate Parenting”. It will provide you and your divorcing spouse with resources, insight and advice about how to co-parent after a divorce. This can be one of the most challenging aspects of a divorce, so understanding what to expect is critical. This course focuses on the following topics:

• Impact of Conflict on Children
• Needs & Perspectives by Age Group
• Talking to Children about Divorce
• Dynamics of Change & Rebuilding Trust
• Healthy Parenting Environments
• Anger & Conflict Management
• Effective Communication Skills
• Behaviors to Avoid & Best Practices

Mediated Divorce, Burnsville and Shakopee, MN

A divorce is an extremely difficult and emotional time, which can unfortunately bring out the worst in people. However, it is also an extremely important time of transition for your children and your family. Rather than relying on trial and error to manage the problems that will inevitably come up during and after divorce, these parenting education classes can help you anticipate problems, and keep your family and your children as the priority during this time. You can avoid the many pitfalls couples fall into during and after a divorce and instead find peace and less conflict when you enact the tools you will learn in these courses.

In addition to parenting education courses that provide useful information about family law basics, AMS Mediation also specializes in divorce mediation services, which can help you stay out of the courts and resolve issues with productive discussion and dialogue. For more information, call AMS Mediation at 952.252.1492.