When you settle a divorce, it is tempting to think that all of the difficult hurdles are over with your ex-spouse. However, as you soon realize, especially if you have children together, the divorce is just the beginning of a new set of challenges for you and your ex-spouse. Strong communication and the willingness to compromise are critical for successfully co-parenting after a divorce. But, what happens if one of you needs to relocate after a parenting time or child custody arrangement has been made? Relocating can be extremely difficult and stressful for all involved when custody is shared. AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN can help you navigate this situation and attempt to find a solution for all involved.

Parenting Mediation

Parenting Mediation can be an extremely effective strategy for managing conflict that arises during and after a divorce. It is much less expensive than a legal battle and can yield much more positive results for everyone involved. In the case of one parent relocating, the options may seem very limited and the choices entirely unacceptable to one party or the other, but mediation can help you think more creatively about a solution or options that may have otherwise not been thought of. The court system is simply not built to manage periodic conflict between ex-spouses, especially ones related to parenting because they are inherently filled with emotion and are unique.

When you seek parenting mediation, you will find that the mediator acts as a neutral facilitator of agreements, not as a decider. You and your ex-spouse are empowered to be creative about problem solving and finding the best solution for your needs. Once you come to an agreement, you can then formalize it in the courts.

Using A Parenting Consultant

There are times when partnering with a Parenting Consultant (PC) may be necessary for complicated issues that may last an extended period of time. Parenting consultants often help with issues such as relocation, holiday schedules, communication, school placement, education, activities, medical protocols, transfers, child care, and discipline and can be contracted for a long period of time. The Parenting Consultant process combines coaching, facilitation, as well as decision making and the PC can either facilitate an agreement or render a legally binding parenting decision.

Mediation Versus Court Battles

AMS Mediation offers parenting mediation services as well as Parenting Consulting (PC) to help you and your ex-spouse solve many complicated issues that come up, including the need for one parent to relocate. Before you decide to fight a battle in court, call our team at 952-252-1492 for more information or to set up a free one hour consultation to learn more about options that can minimize conflict, protect your children and keep you out of the courts.