One of the most important factors for effective and successful divorce mediation is the neutrality of the mediator. The very foundation of mediation hinges on this impartiality — it allows for both parties to trust the mediator, and not be concerned that the mediator will favor one party over the other. This impartiality leads to a more productive and constructive discussion where both parties can be honest and open and find solutions to the most difficult, personal and sometimes painful aspects of a divorce settlement. The team at AMS Mediation believes strongly in the no bias divorce mediation process and is committed to offering this neutrality to the clients we serve in the South Metro area, including Burnsville, Lakeville, Shakopee, Edina and Bloomington MN.

Fair and Balanced Divorce Mediation Services

AMS Mediation provides strong divorce and parenting mediation services with a track record of providing fair, balanced, impartial mediation services to our clients. Our experienced and highly trained mediator has no personal agenda — our goal is to offer you a positive and constructive setting to solve your problems in a way that puts your family first.

There are many important benefits of seeking divorce mediation rather than engaging in a lengthy court battle. Mediation generally costs significantly less than a proceeding through the court system and can accommodate more creative and flexible solutions for families who are looking for a more tailored approach to divorce. You and your divorcing spouse are empowered to find reasonable solutions that meet your unique needs. Mediation is less adversarial and can benefit your children by laying a foundation for successful co-parenting. Finally, mediation allows you and your soon to be ex-spouse to focus on your future not your past.

Divorce Mediation Process in Minnesota

Divorce mediation can settle all aspects of a divorce, including complex issues such as custody (development of a parenting plan), child/spousal support as well as division of assets, property and debt. The process is fairly straightforward, and generally consists of 2-3 two hour mediation sessions with you, your divorcing spouse and your mediator (and attorneys if you wish). Your mediator’s role is to facilitate a discussion and provide you with information – not to make any decisions on your behalf. The AMS Mediation team will empower you to make decisions with the best interest of your family in mind and help you navigate the divorce process successfully so that you can move forward in a more healthy way. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 952.252.1492.