Many couples heading toward a divorce prefer to stay away from the court system and a lengthy and costly court battle, complete with lawyers and high emotions. Divorce mediation has become a popular option for those wanting to settle important aspects of a divorce including the separation of assets, debts and property, developing a parenting plan (or custody agreement) and determination of child/spousal support. It is a tool that is being used frequently in large part because of the time, money and stressed that can be saved. Amber M. Serwat has more than a decade of experience providing superior professional divorce and parenting services in an efficient, nonjudgmental, and efficient manner. Partnering with Amber can allow you to resolve all aspects of your divorce without a court battle.

Divorce Mediation Instead of a Court Battle

Amber Serwat is a trained family mediator, divorce coach, parenting consultant, custody evaluator, and parenting time expeditor. She uses her training and personal experience going through her own divorce to help families move through a divorce toward a more positive future. Amber will work for solutions that work for your entire family. She will facilitate mediated discussions that put children first, conserve financial resources, and that meet your unique needs.

When you hire a lawyer and let the court settle your divorce, you inherently enter a win/lose scenario. Working with a lawyer may in fact mean that if your case is won that this is done at your ex-spouse or even your children’s expense. A court battle is by nature adversarial, with high conflict and can ultimately make situations worse, not better. Mediation gives you the opportunity to solve problems with the help of a neutral, third party. A mediator empowers both parties to find compromise and solutions that will actually work.

Success of Divorce Mediation, MN

Mediation has a success rate as high as 80–90% and saves couples between 20-50%. And, the State of Minnesota actually requires divorcing couples (without a history of domestic violence) to participate in an ADR process, such as mediation, before appearing in court. It offers flexibility as well and if it does not work for your situation, you can always decide to hire a lawyer and you always have the right to go through the court to settle your divorce. If you live in the Minnesota area and have been considering mediation as a means of settling your divorce, call the team at AMS Mediation today at 952.252.1492 for more information or to schedule a free consultation.