If you are ending a committed, long term relationship, whether you are legally married or not, you have shared many aspects of your life together — your finances may be intertwined, you may share property and other belongings, and if you have children, you must find a way to co-parent after the relationship is over. Mediation is an effective way to help you make important decisions about all of the parts of your life that may be difficult to separate without professional assistance. Mediation is ideal for couples who are not legally married and therefore do not need to navigate the traditional court system. AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN, specializes in mediation for non-married couples who have decided to separate and move forward in a positive way.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Mediation has many benefits for those who have decided to end a relationship but have many aspects of their life that are still connected. During the mediation process, a trained and experienced mediator will serve as a neutral, third party and will facilitate a positive and productive discussion that will focus on aspects of separation that are important to the couple. Mediation empowers a couple to find common ground and make important decisions for themselves in a safe environment. Common issues tackled during mediation for non-married couples include:

● Development of a parenting plan, a schedule for how your children will split their time between you and your ex. Mediation establishes a foundation for effective co-parenting.
● Division of joint assets, debts and property accumulated during your relationship. This includes real estate, cars, and other household possessions.
● Post-separation support from one ex-partner to the other.

Find Common Ground with Your Ex

Mediation costs less and takes less time than a court battle and gives you an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings and then focus on practical solutions for issues that are relevant to you and your ex-partner. Mediation is also highly confidential and instead of a solution being imposed on you by the court, you are the ones making the decisions. Finally, mediation generally reduces conflict rather than adding to it, allowing you both to focus on the future not the past.

AMS Mediation has extensive experience working with non-married couples who are seeking practical, affordable and fair solutions as they end their relationship. For more information about the mediation process or how AMS Mediation can help you and your ex-partner, call our team at 952.252.1492 for more information or to schedule a time for a free consultation.