Non-Married Parents SeparatingAMS Mediation offers expert mediation services to non-married parents who are separating.  It may be tempting to assume that mediation services are available only to couples who are legally and officially married.  However, mediation is a service that is not only available to non-married couples, it should be considered an irreplaceable one for non-married couples who are separating and have children. Non-married couples who are separating need support and assistance every bit as much as married couples. Many non-married couples experience all of the aspects of marriage that married couples do and introducing radical change to a relationship can be every bit as difficult for non-married couples.

Mediation Services for Non-Married Couples

AMS Mediation offers client-centered mediation services.  In other words, we place the needs of our clients first.  When our clients are not married and they have children, we understand that the stress of separation can be overwhelming.  When you work with our team, you will find we have extensive knowledge of the state laws related to child custody terms and division of property. In addition, we understand how to help couples with children regain the perspective necessary to allow them to prioritize the well-being of their kidsSeparation among non-married couples can be similar to divorce among married couples; the stress associated with it can cause parents to lose sight—usually temporarily—of the impact on their children.  AMS Mediation will help you keep your focus on the wellbeing of your children, since they are the most important people affected by your separation.

Separating from your unmarried parenting partner can actually be more complicated than divorcing a married partner.  Non-married couples almost always have questions about the rights and responsibilities they have, whereas married couples’ legal rights and responsibilities tend to be clearer because of their marital status.  In cases of non-married parents who choose to separate, our team can help you understand your rights and responsibilities as defined by Minnesota law.  This can make the difference between getting through a complicated process with minimal difficulty.  Remember that non-married couples have accumulated wealth and/or debt, may own property together, and of course have the responsibilities associated with parenting.  AMS Mediation can prepare you for what lay ahead, but most especially can prepare you for how you and your separating partner will co-parent after your separation.

Experienced Mediator for Unmarried Couples

For more information about mediation services for non-married couples, give AMS Mediation a call at 952.252.1492 and we will be happy to schedule some time to talk with you about how we can help.