When you are in the midst of a divorce, it is hard to think of anything else. Your life is focused on making immediate and important decisions about a divorce settlement. You also need a parenting plan to resolve custody issues and a means of how to separate two very intertwined lives. It is difficult to look forward and almost impossible to think about the transition to co-parenting after a divorce. The fact is, however, when you have children together and decide to divorce, your marriage may end, but you and your ex-spouse continue to be connected for the rest of your lives, all for the sake of your children.

Co-Parenting While Putting Your Kids First

Co-parenting after a divorce can get even more difficult and taxing at times than settling a divorce. And, going through the court system for each and every issue is unrealistic. Working with a parenting mediator when particularly difficult issues come up can be an extremely effective tool for solving problems that come up after a divorce has been finalized. AMS Mediation specializes in parenting mediation for divorced couples in the Burnsville, Richfield, Bloomington, and Eagan, MN area and can help you solve problems that come up well after a divorce is final.

The court system is simply not built to litigate all the parenting issues that come up for couples after a divorce is final. Mediation is an alternative for those looking to resolve disputes, differences of opinions or simply to come up with solutions as kids age and circumstances change. Common issues that can be resolved in mediation after divorce include:

● One parent needs to relocate for a job or other reason;
● Issues related to the parenting plan or custody agreement;
● Concerns about parenting decisions or parenting style;
● Issues regarding step-parents;
● Big decisions about school changes, extracurricular activities, or medical issues;
● Other conflict that comes with change and/or kids aging.

Parenting Mediation Services MN

AMS Mediation office parenting mediation services empower divorced couples to work to find solutions for co-parenting that keep their children as the priority. Our team focuses on resolving ongoing and new issues that may arise after a divorce or breakup. We understand that you may not want to seek the court’s input for each and every issue, so we offer a trusted, neutral, constructive environment in which positive and productive discussions can be accomplished. Our team can also serve as a parenting time expediter, parenting consultant, parenting coach and can offer parenting classes that guide you through the process. For more information or to set up a time for a free consultation, call us today at 952.252.1492.