AMS Mediation of Burnsville, Minnesota, is one of the best and most trusted mediation services available for people who are in need of a Parenting Coach either during or after a divorce. AMS Mediation has developed a reputation for providing expertise advice, counsel, and support based on our staff’s many years of training and the refinement of approaches to mediation. Increasingly, divorcing couples and individuals who work with divorce mediators are making use of our Parenting Coaching services.

What Is a Parenting Coach?

A Parenting Coach is a trained mediator who works with a divorced person, usually on a one-to-one basis, to address any number of issues related to parenting, such as negotiating with an ex-spouse to determine how best to raise the children who are impacted by the divorce. AMS Mediation’s parenting coaching service is equipped to help you think creatively and efficiently about the things that will help you be the parent you want to be after your divorce. Further, this support will very likely increase your confidence to navigate your way through this new chapter in your life, and when that is combined with the knowledge that your children will benefit directly, you will feel a great sense of relief.

A parenting coach will work with your family to identify areas of specific need. Some common areas that a parenting coach may be helpful include improving general communication between parents, making successful transitions for all family members, creating reasonable boundaries, addressing a sensitive topic or change and managing the impact of a new spouse.

Keeping Children a Priority During and After Divorce, MN

Considering the possibility of seeking the help of AMS Mediation’s parenting coach service is a sign that you have the ability to take the necessary steps to improve your parenting. Seeking our support with your unique situation should be considered a step in the right direction. Keeping your children’s needs at the center of your mind during and after a divorce is key as you make important decisions about moving forward.

Many divorcing couples have trouble communicating with each other. With the help of a parenting coach, communicating with your partner can become easier, healthier, and more efficient. You may well find yourself reaching much more peaceful resolution to your disputes than ever.

AMS Mediation’s parenting coach will help you address the most basic communication issues, as well as the more nuanced issues of helping your children with the transitions of divorce and creating reasonable and workable boundaries as you separate. We have earned our positive reputation by virtue of our good work with couples, and if you are concerned about anything related to parenting during or after your divorce, contact our team at 952.252.1492.