If you are heading into a divorce, or have just recently finalized one, it is likely that if you have children together, they are the single most important part of the process. Kids do not have a say in your decision to divorce and most couples agree, despite many differences and high conflict, that children should always come first. AMS Mediation of Burnsville, Minnesota, offers parenting support services that can help you keep your children the top priority during and after your divorce. Our team offers parenting coaching as one effective resource to help you achieve this goal. Parenting Coaches are trained professionals who work with people who have been through divorce; they work with them on an individual basis to address the unique issues faced by parents following a divorce so that you do not have to seek input from the court at every turn. The services offered by AMS Mediation’s parenting coaching can inspire you to gain new insights about how to approach the specific issues that are affecting your children.

Putting Your Children First After Divorce

If you are thinking of seeking the help of a parenting coach, you have taken the first step toward making the improvements you wish to make in your current situation. Working with AMS Mediation on your unique circumstances is a sign of your strength and commitment to the well-being of your children, and of your relationship with them. Divorce can be extremely upsetting to the norms of your life, so it’s understandable that it would require some help adjusting to new circumstances. And that’s what our team can help you do. If you’ve created a parenting partnership with your ex, a parenting coach can help you get what you need from that parenting partnership. AMS Mediation’s parenting coach will work with you to provide guidance and relevant context as you work toward more positively contributing to your children’s lives. A parenting coach can help with difficult issues such as improving communication, making successful transitions, creating reasonable boundaries, addressing a sensitive topic and managing the impact of a new spouse.

Parenting Support Services, MN

AMS Mediation understands that everyone’s relationships are different. Our team will treat you as an individual and will work to help your family find balance and peace as you embark on this new phase of life. Our team has broad and deep experience with the changes that families experience, and can help even with the addition of new people to the family dynamic, such as when one or both spouses find themselves in new relationships. If you live in Burnsville or Shakopee, or any other nearby community in Minnesota, contact AMS Mediation at 952.252.1492 for more information about all of our parenting coaching or other parenting support services.