Making the transition from a married couple in an intimate relationship with children to Parenting Partners where parents share children but are not involved in an intimate relationship with each other is often extremely difficult.  Communication issues, high levels of conflict, and residual anger can make co-parenting in a healthy way after divorce feel impossible. AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN, specializes in helping families heal after divorce and finding ways to engage in effective, cooperative and child-focused behaviors.  AMS Mediation offers a wide variety of parenting services that can be used to achieve a balanced and cooperative approach to raising children after a divorce.  This approach will benefit all members of the family and help your children adjust to the significant life change as well. It is designed with the best interest of everyone in mind.

Parenting Education Classes

Learning about the divorce process and how it may impact your parenting is an important and healthy component to moving forward after a divorce.  AMS Mediation offers two parenting education classes that focus on providing parents with tools for healthy parenting during as well as after a divorce:

  • Class 1: A Toolkit for Navigating Your Legal Process: This course covers important information about the legal process of a divorce and will help you develop the tools you will need to keep your divorce family focused and less adversarial and emotionally draining.  Topics covered include stress and grief, the emotions of divorce/uncoupling, legal process options, property division, child/spousal support and creating detailed parenting plans.
  • Class 2: A Toolkit for Successful Separate Parenting:  This course focuses on helping couples learn how to engage in healthy parenting after a divorce.  Topics covered include impact of conflict on children, needs of children by age group, talking to your children about divorce, anger and conflict management, dynamics of change and rebuilding trust, and effective communication skills.

Achieve Healthy Parenting After A Divorce MN

You and your divorcing spouse can achieve healthy parenting after a divorce and AMS Mediation can help.  Understanding the process and having realistic expectations can help you develop safeguards to keep your communication from becoming highly adversarial and to keep your children (not your anger) the focus on your parenting plan moving forward following a divroce.  For more information about all of AMS Mediation’s parenting services, including parenting education classes, parenting consultant, parenting coach, and parenting mediation, call Amber Serwat at (952) 252-1492 to schedule a free one-hour consultation.