Mediation services can be extremely effective for reducing conflict and stress for a divorcing couple. Mediation can help resolve important, complex issues such as division of assets and property, spousal support, and it can help you put in place a parenting plan (sometimes also known as a custody agreement) that is positive and healthy for your family. AMS Mediation offers a wide variety of parenting mediation services for those living in and around the Eagan MN area.

Benefits of Parenting Mediation, Eagan MN

The traditional court system is not set to foster an environment of collaboration and solving problems. It instead works on the premise that divorce is adversarial and a judge ultimately makes the decision about extremely personal issues. Parenting mediation gives you and your divorcing spouse control over the decisions that will impact your family. In addition, there are many other benefits of parenting mediation:

● Significantly less expensive
● Takes less time (in many cases mediation takes weeks, not months or years)
● You can tackle issues that are uniquely important to your family (holiday time, education, religion, etc.)
● Gives you and your ex-spouse more of a voice to decide how your future will unfold.
● Promotes collaboration and models positive behavior for your children.
● Can be used at any point during or after the divorce process. Often it is very helpful to renegotiate a wide variety of issues as circumstances change and children age and their needs change.
● Parenting mediation is confidential and you do not have to share your personal issues with a courtroom of people.

Parenting Mediation Services, Eagan MN

AMS Mediation offers high quality parenting mediation services for those in the Eagan MN area. Amber Serwat has years of mediation experience combined with the personal experience of a contentious divorce. She and her team will provide you with a neutral facilitator that can help you and your divorcing spouse arrive at solutions that are workable for you, all while understanding that this is a trying and difficult time for all of you. Amber strives to facilitate a client-centered process that will empower you to achieve fair, affordable, and workable solutions which will meet your unique needs and circumstances. AMS Mediation has experience working directly with the court system as well, so you can be confident that all legal processes are followed closely.

Amber Serwat offers free one hour consultations so that you and your spouse can learn more about the process and determine if parenting mediation is something that you want to pursue. Call (952) 252-1492 for more information.