Co-parenting after divorce can present many challenges. After all, once a divorce is final, both parties move on with their lives…in different directions. One or both parties may find new romantic partners, find new jobs, and/or relocate at some point after the divorce. These inevitable changes happen as you continue to co-parent the children from your marriage. Effectively managing these issues can be done with the help of a parenting mediator, who is specifically trained to help you and your former spouse find solutions to conflicts about parenting after a divorce. AMS Mediation specializes in offering parenting mediation services to those in the Burnsville, MN area. Our team can help you develop lasting amendments to your parenting plan (or custody agreement) that work for you and your family.

Using Mediation to Settle Issues After A Divorce

Many issues can come up after divorce or breakup and the court system simply is not equipped to handle each and every change to a custody agreement. Mediation after divorce can help you and your ex-spouse find solutions that work for your specific and unique situation and that allows you to put your children first. Common issues addressed via parenting mediation include:

● Making a change to a parenting plan as kids age and have different needs
● Managing the details of a residential move by one parent
● Re-calculating child or spousal support when there is a change to the overall financial situation
● Defining and/or changing a holiday schedule
● Making mutual decisions about education, medical care, religion, etc.

Experienced Parenting Mediator Burnsville MN

Working with a trained mediator can help you solve these issues faster, with less conflict and expending fewer financial (and emotional) resources. Your mediator will serve as a neutral third party and facilitate a productive and solutions-based discussion that empowers you and your ex spouse to find areas of compromise, rather than more conflict. AMS Mediation has been partnering with individuals and couples in and around the Burnsville, MN area for more than a decade. Amber Serwat has close personal experience with divorce and understands the impact it can have on a family. She will work with you to help you find solutions to the issues you face so that you can move forward in the healthiest way possible. For more information or to schedule a time for a free consultation with Amber or a member of her team, call 952.252.1492