Child Custody Mediation MNIncreasingly, divorcing parents are using mediation services to settle divorce proceedings, in lieu of the more familiar court processes. There are many advantages to taking part in mediation services, especially as it pertains to child-custody mediation.

Divorce is one of modern life’s most difficult stressors, and the tension that it can produce between divorcing parents is not only enormous, but can blind parents to the negative impact of their anger and tension on their children. The temptations of anger are great, but the well being of the children must be made paramount. AMS Mediation specializes in parenting mediation services in Minnesota and can help your family come up with a solution to this difficult problem.

Effectiveness of Parenting Mediation

Mediation has been shown to be effective in ensuring that the children are not used as pawns or weapons by one or both parents, and that their emotional health and welfare is paramount in the minds of the divorcing parents. If your marriage is ending, consider parenting mediation as you proceed through your divorce. Not only do people who receive mediation services have a better chance of ensuring the welfare of their children, there’s a greater chance of satisfaction with the terms of the settlements.

Below are some things to keep in mind if you are preparing for parenting mediation:

  • Remain focused on the needs of your children. Find another time to focus on your own needs.
  • When discussing your parenting plan, don’t discuss child support or property division. Keep those components separate from your parenting plan.
  • Acknowledge the special needs of your children that are related to their age, temperament, and levels of psychological and emotional development.
  • Remember that there is no standard plan that will work for your children. You know your kids best, so personalize the plan based on that knowledge.
  • Assume best intentions on the part of your children’s other parent. If you have legitimate concerns, bring them up in mediation.
  • Do not speak badly of your children’s other parent. If tempted to do so, remember that such talk adds stress to your children’s lives long-term.
  • Remember that your child needs time with both parents. A good parenting plan goes a long way toward providing assurance of your children’s safety and stability.
  • Withholding visitation opportunities from the other parent is not good for your children. If there are no real concerns about safety, plan to allow your former spouse time with the children.
  • Enter mediation having prepared your own proposal for custody and sharing time with your divorcing partner; a calendar noting school holidays, your work schedule, and your children’s activities; and a healthy amount of flexibility.
  • Never go into mediation unprepared.

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