Minneapolis Divorce MediatorLet’s just be honest. Most children do not want their parents to separate and, therefore, divorce is almost always stressful for the children. Divorce not only can increase conflicts between the parents but it can put a strain on the parent-child relationship as well. This of course, is dependent upon how well divorcing couples can manage the stress of divorce for the children. If you are looking to try and resolve parenting issues affordably and calmly, look no further than AMS Mediation. AMS Mediation offers Minneapolis mediation services to parents that are seeking a cost effective and efficient process in finding resolution to parenting issues.

Parenting Mediation Service Minneapolis

Serving all of Minneapolis, mediation services at AMS Mediation hope to resolve parenting issues affordably and spare your children the increased stress and pain that divorce can bring. A court room brawl between parents is never what a child should have to bear witness to. However, once a couple does decide to break up or divorce, lots of ongoing or new parenting issues arise that should be addressed before animosity gets the better of them. At AMS Mediation, we have a mediator that acts as a neutral facilitator of agreements, not a decision maker, and helps couples come to agreements that work best for them. We are a parenting mediation service in Minneapolis that wants you to succeed, for both the children and the adults’ sake.

Minneapolis Mediation Services

No topic is closed at our meetings and everything is kept confidential. Examples of our mediation discussions include:

  • Creating workable and detailed parenting plans.
  • Managing a parent’s residential move.
  • Calculating child support.
  • Defining the holiday schedule.
  • Adjusting the parenting schedule to accommodate the children’s needs.
  • Managing medical issues.

AMS Mediation Values

At AMS Mediation, we believe that parenting partners must have a parenting bridge between them, as well as separate lives, in order to succeed after divorce. We know how to help build those bridges, creating a smooth transition from married to divorced. Once agreements are made, they can be formalized by simply filing them with the Court. Thus, avoiding all of the unnecessary costs and drama that is played out in the legal system.

If you are looking to resolve parenting issues affordably, Minneapolis Mediation services are being offered at AMS Mediation, your most reliable parenting mediation service in Minneapolis. Please call us today at 952.252.1492 to learn more.