Divorce Help MNElite mountain climbers will tell you that touching the summit of Mount Everest is not the mark of a successful expedition.  Reaching the summit and sitting atop the peak is only the halfway point.  Success is not attained until you and everyone in your climbing party get down to base-camp successfully.  Novice climbers, by contrast, are likely to celebrate reaching the peak and forget that their work is only half done at that point.

Similarly, and certainly understandably, people going through a divorce may well think similarly—that pursuing divorce (through the court system or the increasingly desirable option of divorce mediation), reaching an acceptable agreement with your spouse, and signing all of the legal paperwork is the end of the hard stuff associated with divorce.  The professionals at AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN specialize in preparing you for what comes after the divorce.

Parenting Mediation Minnesota

Children of divorce deserve the best you can give them.  No matter how young or old they may be, they will have done nothing to make their own emotional strife a deserved response.  The adults—their parents—owe it to the children to make the transitions associated with divorce as easy as possible.  Therefore, parents who choose divorce should consider parenting mediation after the final divorce paperwork is signed.  If you have finalized your own divorce, and opted to use mediation as the pathway to divorce, you are more likely to understand the benefits of the mediation process.  But if you sought your divorce through the more familiar and traditional court system processes, you should certainly consider Parenting Mediation to help you and your ex-spouse reach the best possible agreements about the welfare of your children.

AMS Mediation Can Help You Create A Path Forward With Parenting Mediation

AMS Mediation is extremely well qualified to provide the kind of legal and psychological information you will need to ensure your children do not fall prey to however much anger and bitterness may exist between you and your ex.  Anger and bitterness are sneaky and oddly satisfying, but that combination tends to cause us to forget the impact they have on our children.  AMS Mediation is excellent at providing reminders and a positive framework for ensuring that we have our children’s interests in mind.  Call our team at 952.252.1492 for more information on our Minnesota mediation services.  We look forward to working with you to find a new normal in your life as well as the life of your children.