When you and your spouse make the difficult decision to divorce, this decision sets in motion a series of life changes that is impossible to comprehend in that moment. You will live separately, separate your finances and build a whole new life. One thing that you are likely extremely mindful of is the impact of this decision on your children. If you are looking to minimize the conflict of your divorce and begin the process as cooperative as possible with your divorcing spouse so that your children are protected, consider partnering with AMS Mediation. Our team specializes in parenting mediation services for those in the Savage, MN area.

Parenting Mediation Services, Savage, MN

Deciding how to parent during and after divorce is one of the most complex and difficult parts of the entire process. Emotions and conflict are high and you may feel some guilt about your children’s lives being turned upside down as a result of a decision that you and your spouse have made. Making decisions throughout the divorce process that put your children first can make a real difference in the long run for your children. The parenting mediation services at AMS Mediation can help you every step of the way.

Parenting mediation services can assist you and your divorcing spouse in resolving a wide variety of issues that relate to your children in the divorce. AMS Mediation can help you tackle the following issues via parenting mediation:

● Creating and adjusting parenting plans (custody plan) that work for both parents as well as the children.
● Calculating or recalculating child support payments.
● Developing a holiday visitation schedule.
● Managing medical or education issues.
● Solving issues that come up periodically due to changing needs of the child(ren).
● Other issues unique to your situation.

Benefits Of Parenting Mediation

Parenting mediation can offer you a vehicle to solve these issues without having to go through the traditional court system, saving you time and money and saving your family unnecessary conflict and difficulty. Your mediator will serve as a neutral facilitator, leaving the power of the decisions to your and your ex-spouse. Mediation gives you the power to find solutions that are well suited for you and your family, rather than following a binding decision by the court.

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