Parenting Time Expeditor MinnesotaIt’s sad when parents get divorced. While it may be necessary for the two individuals to separate, it’s hard for children to make sense of it all. While the process of divorce is never easy, it can take a tremendous toll on your little ones who are affected the most. Often times, when divorcing parents can’t agree on parental rights and time shared, the child is really the one who suffers. At AMS Mediation, we have the ability to provide you with a Parenting Time Expeditor. This person, also known as a PTE, can either be appointed by the court or selected by mutual agreement of the parents and made official with a court order. If you are getting divorced in Burnsville, MN and you are having parental rights issues, don’t wait for the court system to dictate someone that doesn’t care. Call AMS Mediation and request our specialized PTE!

Why are PTEs so Important?

Sometimes things just aren’t fair. In many divorces, someone always feels shorted or “jibbed” with the deal they make. Whatever the matter, the one place you don’t want to feel “jibbed” on is the parenting time you have with your children. Kids are only little for so long and it’s important that they have appropriate time with their parents based on their wants and needs. A Parenting Time Expeditor can help tremendously with this!

PTE Authority

Your parenting time expeditor has the authority to enforce, interpret, and clarify the existing parenting time court orders that have been given. If there are parenting time issues or circumstances in which the court order was not specific, the PTE will help to address that issue as well. Parenting time expeditors will typically spend time with a family for an ongoing amount of time. Quite often, this person will be with your family for over a year. During this time, if a parent has an issue with the agreement, they can send a dispute to the PTE for resolution. The hope of families working with PTEs is that both parents can clearly see the right solution for their children and let the PTE facilitate an agreement that both parents are comfortable with.

Using a PTE is cost effective, efficient, and quite timely. It helps promote fairness and minimize unnecessary conflict. The key to all of this, however, is making sure you have a PTE that is committed to your case and committed to your children. Finding someone who cares is a gamble when they are appointed several cases within the courtroom. If you live in Burnsville, MN, AMS Mediation has parenting time expeditors that care about your family, your children, and the best options for everyone. For more information about parenting time expeditors, please contact AMS Mediation at 952-252-1492.