Disputes and disagreements about a parenting time schedule, custody and other issues related to a divorce couple’s children often prove too difficult for a divorcing couple to solve amicably on their own. The fact is, these issues are full of emotion and the idea that one of the unfortunate consequences of a divorce may in fact mean that you see your children less is an extremely upsetting for most parents. A Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE) can work with you and your ex-spouse to navigate these disputes and, if necessary, make a decision on behalf of the family. A PTE is appointed by the court to work with the two parties to find solutions for the parenting disputes in question. AMS Mediation serves the Burnsville, Edina, Richfield, Bloomington, and Shakopee MN area and offers PTE services to any clients that need it.

Types Of Conflict Typically Solved With A PTE

A Parenting Time Expeditor can help solve many disputes between divorced spouses. Some of the most common examples are included below:

● Request by one party to modify the current parenting schedule;
● Questions about one parent denying the other of seeing children at designated, agreed upon times;
● Division of costs associated with children’s extracurricular activities;
● Disagreements related to medical care;
● Financial disagreements or changes that impact one/both parents.

Benefits Of Using A Parenting Time Expeditor

A parenting time expeditor will begin working with you very quickly after being appointed by the court. In most cases, your PTE will meet with both parties within five days to listen to the specifics of the issues at hand. The court is simply not equipped to handle these types of issues on a regular basis and can take months to hear your case. Using a parenting time expeditor can save you time and money and help you arrive at solutions faster, which benefits you and your children. You can also work with a PTE for an extended period of time — sometimes as long as a year to resolve any issues that exist between you and your ex-spouse.

AMS Mediation specializes in helping couples find solutions during the divorce process. Our team recognizes that no two divorces are the same and that it is a stressful time for all involved. We have a wide variety of services that can help you and your divorcing spouse navigate the process smoothly and quickly with minimal conflict. If you would like more information about partnering with a Parenting Time Expeditor or one of our other divorce or parenting mediation services, call 952.252.1492.