Post-Decree Modification in MNSigning divorce papers may mean the end of your marriage, but for many, this does not always signal the end of conflict and/or issues to resolve. There are times when issues need to be re-visited because of life changes that are not predictable at the time of divorce. A Post-decree modification is when a couple faces a problem or conflict that needs resolution after a divorce is final. AMS Mediation can help you navigate these issues and determine whether you can resolve this issue using mediation rather than another litigation proceeding.

Most often, post-decree modification requests are related to issues around custody and/or finances. It is impossible to predict how your life will unfold after divorce, so it makes sense that issues would come up that force you to look at changing your divorce agreement. As time goes by, you or your ex may change jobs, need to relocate, remarry, fail to pay child support or be unable to keep the custody schedule. These issues are important and can create conflict and difficulty, so it is important to resolve them quickly.

Resolving Issues after your Divorce is Final

If you decide to work with the team at AMS Mediation, you can try first to resolve these issues without the stress and financial impact of litigation. Mediation allows you to work together to come to a solution that works for all involved. Even if the conflict between you and your ex remains high, mediation is still a highly effective tool to try after a divorce is final. Mediation costs less than litigation, takes less time and can be used as often as you need to resolve issues that come up even well after your divorce is final. If you find a mediator that is a good match for you and your ex, you can continue to mediate issues in the future.

Minnesota Post-Divorce Mediation

AMS Mediation understands that the stress and conflict of a marriage does not end with a divorce, especially when you share children. Post-decree modification is fairly common and can be resolved by mediation before heading back into court. In fact, the Minnesota courts encourage you to attempt mediation before litigation as the court system simply cannot accommodate all potential cases. For more information or to schedule a time to speak with a member of our team, call AMS Mediation at 952-252-1492. We continue to work virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic and can help you navigate the post-decree modification process.


The safety of clients, ourselves, and colleagues is our top priority while we remain available to assist you as you navigate the new and uncharted territory caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


Offering All Services Virtually

While providing virtual ADR services was not part of our plan, we have made the necessary accommodations to ensure we can continue to serve our clients during these unsettling times. All services are currently available through virtually. We are using Zoom for videoconferencing. We suggest that you download this app to your phone or the program to your computer at


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We have resumed limited in-person services for sessions with 1 or 2 participants scheduled for a maximum of 2 hours. Masks are required in our building and in session. Availability is subject to change based on local regulations and CDC guidelines.


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