Post Divorce Child Custody AdjustmentsIf you share custody with your ex, one of the biggest transitions after a divorce is adjusting to not seeing your child (or children) each and every day. It can be emotionally difficult for all involved – for the adults as well as for the kids. Sharing custody may be ultimately what is best for you, your ex and your children, but the specifics of the child custody agreement are difficult to sort out during a divorce, primarily because emotions are high and you cannot predict what will happen in the future. If you find yourself needing to make an adjustment to your child custody agreement after your divorce is final, mediation can be the ideal tool to make this happen. AMS Mediation can guide you through this process and make sure that the changes that you make are filed as necessary with the courts.

Many things may cause the need for a modification or adjustment to your child custody agreement including:

  • Relocation of one of the parents;
  • One parent is not adhering to the terms of the current custody agreement;
  • Best interest of the child changes;
  • One parent is concerned about the wellbeing of the child;
  • Death or illness of one of the parents.

Post-Divorce Mediation

Mediation allows you to settle the issue that comes up related to your child custody agreement without a lengthy and costly court battle. The team at AMS Mediation can facilitate a discussion between you and your former spouse that focuses on finding a long term solution to your child custody issues so that you can all continue to move forward in as healthy a way as possible. Mediation allows you and your ex-spouse to find solutions for your custody agreement that work for your family, rather than entrusting this to a judge. Mediation is also significantly less expensive than litigation which can dramatically decrease the overall stress of the situation.

Making a Change to your Child Support Agreement

Amber Serwat has been through a divorce herself with children and brings a personal and unique perspective to each and every mediation case she works on. She has successfully navigated a highly conflicted divorce and a child custody agreement. She understands how difficult this can be – and is committed to helping you navigate this process with as little stress as possible. If you are in a situation in which you think that your child support agreement needs to be adjustment, call Amber at AMS Mediation at 952-252-1492 to schedule a free consultation.