Post-Divorce Counseling ServicesThe stress of a divorce does not necessarily stop when the divorce papers are signed. Very often, when couples share children the divorce is simply the beginning of a new phase of the relationship. For this reason, AMS Mediation offers post-divorce counseling services which provides support to couples who have already completed the divorce process. For more information call 952-252-1492 today.

Some of the most common issues that are successfully resolved in post-divorce mediation include:

  • Child custody issues: It is simply impossible to anticipate all issues that will arise regarding custody after your divorce is final. You may benefit from post-divorce counseling services to make modifications to your current child custody agreement when circumstances or a child’s needs change. Post-divorce counseling services can be an effective way to manage co-parenting conflict.
  • Child support changes: Both parents are legally responsible for financially supporting their children. However it is possible that a modification to a child support agreement is necessary if one party loses their job or has another significant financial change. Post-divorce support can help resolve these types of issues.
  • Spousal support payments: Your need to receive (or to pay) spousal support can change over time after a divorce. Settling these issues without going to court is ideal as it saves you time and money.

Managing Conflict After Divorce

Nothing is as constant as change. You cannot possibly anticipate how your circumstances will change in the years after your divorce is finalized. Settling these issues without going to court is the best way to manage conflict for you, your ex and your children. The court system is simply not built to resolve each and every issue that comes up post-divorce. Post-divorce counseling services can empower a former couple to find areas of compromise and solutions that will work best for you and your family. It is less expensive and less costly than litigation and gives you and your former spouse the opportunity to find the solutions yourself, without relying on the courts.  No one knows your family dynamic better than you. Post-divorce counseling gives you the support that you need to do this for your family, minimize conflict and keep you are moving forward, rather than looking back.

Effective Post-Divorce Counselor, MN

AMS Mediation has worked with many couples in the Minnesota area to resolve complex issues after divorce. We help you prioritize your goals, and ultimately help you make decisions that are best for your family, without costly litigation. For more information about our post-divorce counseling services, call 952-252-1492 to schedule a free consultation.