Mediation for Divorce MNDivorce Mediation is fast becoming a preferred option for couples who have made the decision to seek divorce, and AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN, is a premier divorce mediation service that provides trustworthy and competent assistant to couples.  The advantages of mediated divorce are plentiful: mediated divorce tends to be significantly less costly than court-based divorce; mediated divorce is likely far less contentious and adversarial than court-based divorce; and individuals who seek divorce mediators are far more likely to feel empowered to move on with their lives and feel greater potential for healing the wounds incurred in their marriage.  When AMS Mediation is involved in the divorce process, couples’ likelihood of experiencing these benefits is enhanced.

Divorce Mediation in Minnesota

One other benefit of mediation is the Private Option when divorcing.  The way in which laws are written surrounding divorce, all court proceedings become part of the public record.  Because of that, much if not all of what transpires in court-based divorce proceedings becomes available to any and all who wish to seek it out.  It therefore creates the risk of your very private matters becoming the knowledge of the public.  Divorce mediation, by contrast, is a confidential process, which limits the amount of information that can become available for public consumption.

AMS Mediation can counsel you through the option of Private Divorce.  Private divorce can work very well via the mediation process, especially if the members of the divorcing couple are committed to minimizing the contempt, anger, bitterness, and other limiting emotions from inhibiting the divorce process.  Couples who recognize that each person will benefit from dissolving their marriage are less likely to contest minor disputes and will be more inclined to work through points of contention.  But even when the divorce is characterized by strong negative feelings, a good divorce mediation service—such as AMS Mediation—can help the couple separate debt, divide belongings, reach agreements about parenting time and child support in addition to other essential agreements with greater ease.

Private Divorce Option Minnesota

The Private Divorce option is tailor-made for people who wish to keep their private matters private.  AMS Mediation can help you feel assured that your privacy is intact throughout and after your divorce.  There is simply no better divorce mediation service for Minnesota residents than AMS Mediation.  Call 952-252-1492 for more information about our services, or to speak confidentially to a member of our team.