Burnsville Divorce HelpDivorce is never easy. But it is a given in our modern world, with divorce rates in the United States still well over 50%. Despite those realities, however, it is possible to minimize pain, stress, and general difficulty when going through the divorce process. AMS Mediation of Burnsville, Minnesota, can provide the kind of thoughtful questions that lead to helpful insights for people considering divorce.

Given the permanence of such a decision, good mediators like AMS Mediation recommends going into the process with eyes open and a willingness to be truthful with oneself.

Some things to consider:

  • Are you satisfied that you and your partner have done everything possible to save your marriage? For example, if you sought counseling, were both you and your partner equal participants in the process?
  • Do you have the emotional and financial ability to thrive on your own? When things are difficult between you and your partner, nothing may be more appealing than the thought of living on your own. But the realities of life on your own can be stark and painful, if not thoroughly considered first.
  • Have you worked to your satisfaction on issues of intimacy with your partner? If you make a commitment to being more affectionate, for example, is it possible that the tension between you might be reduced?
  • Are you irritated or annoyed by everything your partner does or stands for? If so, are there ways to regain patience with these things, knowing that all people have habits that can become irritating for others?
  • Do you and your partner bicker and/or fight frequently? If so, do these occurrences strike you as permanent and irreconcilable or is it possible they are caused by a lack of clarity about each other’s perspectives?
  • Do you laugh together? If not, to what do you attribute the absence of laughter? The answer for someone who truly has grown to dislike a spouse could be different than for the couple who’s experiencing external stresses (financial concerns or health issues) that prevent the sharing of lighter moments.

AMS Mediation: Can Help You Sort Through Difficult Issues

Whatever is true for you, asking yourself these kinds of questions can add a measure of clarity to your consideration of divorce as an option. It should never be entered into lightly, of course, and finding assistance from a service like AMS Mediation (952-252-1492) could be exactly what you need to find that clarity.