Minnesota Parenting Plan HelpChildren can often be what keeps a family together during tough times. There are, however, times when a divorce occurs, despite the fact that two people have created life together. This is not only a difficult time for the once happily married couple, but it can also be very tough on the children involved. Designing a life for your kids after a divorce is very important and should not be taken lightly. This drastic change in their lives can cause children to experience depression, struggle in school, and even question why this happened to them. Laying out the future for your children should be your first priority after a divorce, even before your own. If you live in Minnesota, consider teaming up with AMS Mediation to develop a realistic parenting plan to help address important factors that have a direct impact on your children’s future.

Ways A Parenting Plan Can Help

Set aside the anger and conflict between you and your ex-spouse. A parenting plan designed by AMS Mediation can help you and your children in the following ways:

  • Less Conflict – After a divorce, relationships are often broken and sadness and anger ensues. Having an unbiased 3rd party create a parenting plan can keep the conflict between you and your ex-spouse at a minimum.
  • More Peace – With less conflict, children are able to experience more peace and tend to adjust better to life after a divorce. The parenting plan will layout how things should be properly handled should future disagreements occur.
  • Parenting Time – A parenting plan helps you come up with a visitation schedule that keeps the kids best interests in mind. The plan can even go over holiday schedules for the future. This schedule can be adjusted to account for changes throughout the year like being off from school in the summer.
  • So Much More – What is neat about a parenting plan is that it is customizable. You can dive into as much detail as you would like when it comes to the plan. Commonly, plans involve health care, religion, education and many other important factors of a child’s life.

Do what is best for your children. If you live in Minnesota and have recently gone through a divorce that involves kids, consider teaming up with AMS Mediation to create your customized parenting plan. Give us a call today at (952) 252-1492 to set up your free parenting plan consultation and learn more about our mediation services.