I respected and wise mentor and coach I am privileged to know recently modified a poem called A Hero’s Creed By Carl Morris…

The works speak to me personally and professionally. Sometimes “taking the high-road” seems impossible and maintaining that path thankless…the payoff is not often immediate but traveling high-road always delivers in the end. Peaceful journeys to all in 2012…

Did I help someone to realize a dream they thought they’d lost?

Did I listen when someone told me the reward is worth the cost?

Did I praise someone for their efforts and encourage someone toward their dreams?

Did I help someone to understand the end never justifies the means?

Did I make someone laugh and smile when they would much rather frown?

Was I the one who picked them up when everyone put them down?

Am I the one they confide in and know their conversation is secure?

Did I provide them with someone to trust in knowing their friendship will always endure?

Am I humble and constantly striving to become more than I was yesterday?

Did I focus on the successes of others and follow through with all I say?

If I constantly strive to become the one who can say “I did” to the “did I’s” ?.

Then my life is fulfilled, I have achieved a great prize.

In 2012, let me hold myself accountable and ask ……….Did I?


Written by: Amber M. Serwat, MA

Amber is a divorced parent and step-parent of three children ages 12-16 and works in private practice as a divorce and parenting specialist.

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Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.

JERRY JOHNSON, Certified Coach/Mentor/Consultant