AMS Mediation of Savage, MN, offers you an alternative to divorce proceedings that you should strongly consider.  Amber Serwat is an exceptionally well trained, highly regarded, and sought-after divorce mediator who provides divorce mediation support in Savage, Minnesota, for people experiencing one of the greatest causes of stress in life–divorce.

The benefits of divorce mediation over traditional court processes are numerous.  Court proceedings tend to be significantly more expensive than divorce mediation and take months to complete.  Divorce mediation can resolve complicated issues such as division of property and assets, child custody and spousal/child support in several mediation sessions rather than a prolonged court battle.  A divorce mediator with the skills of Amber Serwat can also mitigate, if not eliminate, some of the bad blood that so often builds up between divorcing couples.

Divorce Mediation Services For Couples In Savage, MN

The process of reaching peace among divorcing partners can be difficult, complex, and painful, but when a qualified professional mediates divorce, the complications, difficulty, and the pain that is inevitable with divorce can be noticeably reduced.  The staff of AMS Mediation is ethical, professional, and impartial, which helps divorcing couples have the best possible chance of reaching an agreeable and viable outcome for not only the divorcing adults, but their children as well.

In the end, that is the ultimate goal of AMS Mediation: helping couples who have chosen divorce to create a positive outcome for their families by mediating the difficulties presented by a failing relationship.  Divorce is almost always universally painful and is bound to become one the most memorable and formative experiences the couple will ever have.  The stress you experience as a result of your divorce is very likely to be lessened by your association with AMS Mediation.

Divorce Mediation and Parenting Support Services

AMS Mediation works to ensure your entire family’s good health in its response to your divorce.  Divorce mediation aims to find the best possible solutions for every family member.  A skilled mediator like Amber Serwat will help all family members affected by your split understand the importance of compromise and conflict resolution.  There are benefits to making concessions in order to reach the best possible solutions, and a neutral third-party, especially one that has earned your trust, will provide reassurance that the concessions you may have to make are for the long-term good.  This is especially true if and when children are affected by your decision to divorce.  In addition to divorce services, AMS Mediation also offers parenting support services to help you and your divorcing spouse navigate divorce with your children’s best interest in mind.

Deciding to pursue divorce is among the most consequential choices you will ever make.  If you find yourself in such circumstances, however, and you and your spouse know that the best solution is to finalize the end of your relationship, call AMS Mediation near Savage, MN at (952) 252-1492.