When a couple divorces, many things change – living arrangements, day to day routines, and finances, just to name a few. One of the biggest changes a divorcing couple faces is how to go from parenting together (in one household) to parenting separately. Depending on your child or children’s age, this can be a difficult transition for both parents and the kids. AMS Mediation offers parenting education classes as well as post-divorce mediation that can give you the tools that you need to navigate this part of the process with less stress for all involved. Our team serves those living in and around Burnsville, Edina and Richfield, MN and will help answer questions and let you know what you can expect as you begin this new parenting journey.

Parenting Education Services

No matter how significant your differences, it is likely that both you and your spouse want what is best for your kids and recognize the stress that may be caused by your impending divorce. AMS Mediation offers a parenting education course that focuses on giving you the tools that you need to successfully parent separately. This course covers the impact of conflict on your kids, the differences in needs of your kids based on their age, and how best to talk to your kids about divorce. You are taught how to successfully manage the dynamics of all of the change happening in your family, like rebuilding trust along with anger and conflict management strategies.

Navigate Divorce with Children

The team at AMS Mediation understands the complexities and difficulties of divorce and is dedicated to helping you and your family navigate the process with minimal stress and conflict. In addition to parenting education classes, we also offer mediation services that can help you resolve a wide variety of differences during and after your divorce. While you may be focusing primarily on the fact that you are ready to separate from your spouse, it is important to realize that divorce is actually just the beginning of a new type of parenting. Co-parenting successfully is critical to your kids’ adjustment to the change of a divorce. We can help you put your kids’ needs first, find creative solutions to difficult problems and help you lay a strong foundation for the future.

For more information about our parenting courses or mediation services, call AMS Mediation today at 952.252.1492. You can parent separately successfully – and there is help and support if you need it.