AMS Mediation has a well-earned reputation for excellence in divorce mediation, conflict resolution, co-parenting agreements, and finding solutions for couples who simply cannot get along. Along with those services, AMS Mediation is also able to provide you with parenting support as you separate not only your lives, but your parenting efforts after your divorce. In fact, it is common for many parenting issues to come up during and after a divorce and it is simply impossible to think that a court can solve each of these issues. Mediation allows you and your ex-spouse to find solutions to problems as they arise, in order to minimize the conflict, and lessen the impact on your children. In addition, our team understands that sometimes issues are directly related to the divorce or the strife between the two parents and other times it may not be related to that at all. Working with the team at AMS Mediation of Burnsville MN can provide you with parenting support that will truly make a difference with your children.

Reduce Stress During And After Divorce

When a married couple decides to divorce, the impact on the couple produces stress on all involved, and sometimes enormous amounts of it. AMS Mediation understands the range of emotions produced by divorce, and will offer meaningful parenting support during and after a divorce to you separately or to both parents together. Couples who have sought the services of AMS Mediation know that they have been treated with fairness and equity in hopes of reaching the best possible solutions for all. Our team will help you set goals, focus on your stated priorities and find ways to compromise.

AMS Mediation also understands that children must be protected from the issues affecting their parents, and sometimes that means it’s better to work with you separately. Children internalize a great deal of the emotional pain of divorce, but they often lack the life experience and the psychological maturity to understand it in a way that can help them manage the difficulty on their own. Parents may not always have the presence of mind to understand this either, so it can be very helpful to have a resource like AMS Mediation to provide you with separate parenting help.

Parenting Support Services

AMS Mediation offers parenting mediation services including parenting education, parenting coaching, a parenting time expeditor, and a parenting consultant, depending on your family’s unique needs. If you would like to learn more about the services offered by AMS Mediation, call our team at 952-252-1492 to schedule a free consultation.