Simple Child Custody ModificationIf you have a child-custody agreement with your former spouse, you may find it necessary to make a simple modification to that agreement. Similarly, if your former spouse approaches you about needing to make a simple child custody modification, you need not necessarily respond as if it is a major problem. In most cases, modifying a child custody agreement can be done without much difficulty or involving the courts. However, if your relationship with your former spouse is strained, you may at first perceive the request as a major inconvenience. In virtually all circumstances pertaining to child custody modification, though, the team at AMS Mediation can be helpful. In fact, we are confident that in most matters of child custody modification, we can help you and your former spouse through the process with minimal difficulty.

Modify your Child Custody Agreement

If the modification(s) in question are truly of a simple nature and are not complicated by the dynamics in your relationship with your former spouse, AMS Mediation will be able to minimize the need for mediation and focus instead on the necessary paperwork associated with the modifications. Many couples, even after divorce, find that they can benefit from the reassurance we can provide during the child-custody modification process. If we have worked with you in mediation before, you will understand our commitment to helping you through every stage of your divorce. If we have not worked with you before, we want you to know that our goal is to help you and your former spouse find resolution to every issue that exists between you. And no part of your relationship is more important than the agreement you reach about how you will raise your children after your divorce.

Post Divorce Mediation to Settle Child Custody Changes

Modifying your child custody agreement does not have to be complicated. In fact, most modifications are fairly simple. Some aspects of the process are not negotiable. For instance, the paperwork for the modification must be filed in the same court where the original agreement was filed. That is one example of information that does not always make it to people who attempt to modify their agreements on their own, and not knowing such things can lead to delays and frustration. With our help, you can avoid delays and frustration, and feel confident that our knowledge and experience will help your modifications proceed smoothly. We can also help you negotiate the changes if needed with our highly effective post-divorce mediation process.

Simple Child Custody Modification

AMS Mediation cares about our clients, and we know that our clients want only the best for their children. If it is time to modify your child custody agreement, we would be happy to help you with the process. To schedule a consultation simply call us at 952.252.1492 to schedule an appointment.