Blending FamiliesAmong the first things you may think of when you read or hear the terms “divorce mediation,” “marriage mediation,” or “family mediation” is divorce.  There is a very good chance that divorce is relevant to each of those terms.  But mediation in those contexts is not limited only to the divorce process.  It can, and often does, pertain to the many processes that follow divorce.  ‘Mediation’ should also be more closely associated with the processes associated with blending families, and AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN is exceptionally good at helping couples who intend to blend their families in a positive way.

New Hope With A Blended Family Thanks to Minnesota Mediators

At its core, the blended family is built on hope.  A new relationship has formed between the two adults in the relationship, and each person very likely believes that enough love exists to overcome the obstacles that can complicate the actions of blending families.  Considering that something traumatic has likely occurred in one or both of the families prior to the blending, the desire to enter the blending process indicates a desire to heal, build, develop, and expand the love that exists between the adults in the relationship.

AMS Mediation understands this and can help you anticipate complexities in the blending process that you may not think of yourself.  Of course, those complexities most often come from the children on either or both sides of the as-yet-unblended families.  When the blending process begins, you may find that your children have difficulty accepting the changes introduced to their lives.  But AMS Mediation can give you insights and strategies through family mediation to address the unique issues that present themselves during blending.

Strategies For Blending Your Family In A Healthy Way

Though each family is unique, there are some themes that emerge from AMS Mediation’s work that can be helpful as you consider the possibility of seeking assistance.  For example, our Minnesota Mediators can help you slow down the rate of change being experienced by your children; too much change too soon can be enormously stressful for kids, so parents can benefit by understanding their children’s tolerance.  Additionally, from the parents’ perspectives, the assumption may be that they will automatically love their new spouse’s children; but this is not necessarily true.  Such relationships may take time to develop, and step-parents may be just as susceptible to unrealistic expectations as we believe children can be.

AMS Mediation understands that children are resilient and are more likely to respond well to their parents’ new marriage if that new marriage is a model for respect and love.  Over time, this will provide a sense of reassurance and stability to all members of the blended family.  But what’s described here is also just a series of snapshots.  AMS Mediation can help you view the entire photo album of possibilities through our wide range of family mediation services.  Call 952-252-1492 or email for more information.