7 ways Divorce Affects Kids

Going through a divorce is an extremely difficult time for people, and even if both parties are feeling neutral over the situation, oftentimes kids have a very hard time with divorce and it is extremely important to be mindful of this when going through a separation no matter how hard or mutual it may be.

As a divorced parent of two, school-aged children and a step-parent, I have personal experience that has contributed to my success as a mediator, and my personal journey can help you. Without proper safeguards parenting after a divorce can be emotionally overwhelming, with the legal system and financial stresses, and that is why having a mediator to help you resolve some of these issues and guide you through the process it can be very devastating and destructive.

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The Truth About Co-Parenting

Help Parenting After DivorceIf anyone says that co-parenting is easy – be skeptical. It can be a wonderful collaboration and example of teamwork under trying times. But not easy. Divorced parents are forced to figure out a way to work together for the benefit of the children while putting on a happy face to avoid upsetting the children. There is an enormous learning curve with blending families and Co-Parenting Effectively with your ex. Amber M. Serwat Mediation (AMS Mediation) provides Non-Judgmental Parenting Services that are a great resource for developing successful Parenting Partnerships.

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