Helpful Resources As You Navigate Divorce

Divorce and Parenting Education CoursesDivorce is like the weather: sometimes you can see it coming and plan for it, and sometimes you get caught off guard, unprepared, and end up devastated. If you find yourself somewhere on that spectrum, you should consider seeking the help of AMS Mediation. Consider availing yourself of the classes offered by AMS Mediation, especially if you have the benefit of time to consider your approach to divorce. From classes in parenting during and after divorce to classes in Minnesota law as it relates to divorce, AMS Mediation provides information that will empower you to be your own best advocate.

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Truths about Divorce and Steps for Success

Key Truths about Divorce:

  1. Regardless of process, most divorce cases settle before going to trial; a significant number never see the inside of a courtroom.
  2. You are the expert in your life.
  3. You are capable of making fair and reasonable decisions about your future.
  4. You have choices when deciding how to proceed with you divorce.
  5. Self-determined agreements yield better results than imposed outcomes.

Steps for Success during Divorce

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I Wish I Had Used Mediation

Long before I was a family mediator a friend went through a divorce that would have been made so much easier by mediation.  This is the story of one couple who could have saved time, money and relationships by choosing mediation.

Way back in the eighties I married a man I knew for only six weeks before becoming engaged.  We had it all – bridesmaids, flowers, big music, lots of people – a dream wedding.  After the honeymoon was over, the gifts were opened and the dress sealed in a special box, reality set in.  I didn’t know this guy.  And, what I did know, I didn’t really like.  No detail is necessary other than to say that we were young and mistook lust for true love.  Not an original story at all.

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