Minnesota Parenting ConsultantThe New Reality that parents must adjust to after divorce is usually one where your children are spending time going back and forth between both households. It can be very difficult to absorb the fact that your child will now have to divide his or her time between both parents. Setting up a workable Parenting Time Schedule may be relatively easy for some parents but many need the assistance of a trained professional to develop a plan that is mutually agreeable. A Minnesota court may order Child Custody Mediation with a Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE) like Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation to resolve parenting time disputes.

Child Custody Mediation

Parents must take Child Custody Mediation very seriously as the mediator may have a big impact on determining a Parenting Time Plan. The routine that is agreed upon during the mediation process will become your new reality for many years. You will want to be prepared before attending parenting time mediation.

Preparing for Meeting with Parenting Time Expeditor

Each jurisdiction has differing rules that pertain to how much weight to put on the recommendation from Child Custody Mediation. You may be meeting with a court appointed mediator or be able to choose who the mediator will be. Either way, it is important to be prepared with a written plan before the process begins.

  1. Make a List of any concerns that you have and what you are proposing for the parenting time plan. The sheer weight of the situation can be very emotional. Have a written plan will help you to be more focused if you become very nervous.
  1. Bring contact information for the child’s teacher, psychologist and doctor if there are concerns about a child’s special needs.
  1. If possible, it is best to meet with a professional Parenting Consultant or Counselor to gain perspective on how you should present your case during mediation. A trained professional can counsel you on what to do if your ex-spouse begins making personal attacks and how to deal with your emotions.
  1. Consider reaching out to your ex-spouse to see if there are areas in which you already can agree. Reaching an agreement on certain issues before the mediation process begins will allow the mediation process to be more productive.

MN Parenting Time Expeditor and Parenting Consultant

At AMS Mediation, our goal is to have the best interest of the children be front and center during Child Custody Mediation. We are trained to assist parents in developing a Parenting Time Plan that is mutually agreeable and works best for the child. Parents can also contact AMS Mediation for Parenting Consultant Services in preparation for your meeting with a child custody mediator.

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