Twin Cities Top Divorce MediatorWhen you decide to pursue a divorce, it is important to hire the best possible support to help you navigate the process. For some individuals, this may involve hiring a divorce attorney and beginning the difficult process of a court battle. For others, you may want to consider divorce mediation to settle the important aspects of your divorce like division of property, child custody and child and/or spousal support. Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation is a leading divorce mediator in Burnsville, MN, who has spent her career helping families through divorce. She has built a strong reputation for being a top Twin Cities top divorce mediator because she understands Minnesota law, can help facilitate positive and productive conversation and has personal experience with divorce.

Divorce Mediator with Personal Experience

Divorce mediation gives you the best possible chance of a positive outcome for you, your soon to be ex-spouse and your children. Amber Serwat understands how difficult a divorce can be because she has been through a divorce with high-conflict herself. Mediation can save you time, money and that translates into less stress for all involved. Amber brings her keen knowledge of state law and her compassion and empathy to the cases she takes on. Amber has strong communication skills and can help you and your ex find areas of compromise and common ground so that you can put in place a plan for your divorce that will work best for your unique family. After your own tough divorce, she has devoted her career to helping others navigate the divorce process in a way that can facilitate positive resolution.

Twin Cities Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce mediation puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to settling the terms of your divorce. Rather than having to rely on a judge to make important decisions regarding your family’s future, you and your spouse can make those decisions together. You may be concerned that there is too much conflict between you, or too much pain for the process to be productive, but this is where Amber comes in. She will help you set goals, define priorities, have respectful dialogue and find the resolution you need to finalize your divorce. Her unique set of skills and experience makes her the top divorce mediator in the Twin Cities area. Amber can also provide other divorce support services including divorce coaching, post-divorce support, custody mediation and parenting support services. For more information or to schedule a time to talk to Amber, call 952.252.1492.