What is a Parenting Consultant?When a couple with children decides to get a divorce, the stakes are higher precisely because of their children. In such cases, it is important to enter the divorce process with the best possible information and the best possible support. Divorcing couples are increasingly seeking the help of parenting consultants to ensure that the information and support they are receiving is, in fact, the best. AMS Mediation provides strong, compassionate and competent parenting support services for those in the Minnesota area.

What is the Role of a Parenting Consultant?

A Parenting Consultant is a professionally trained individual who works with families to address, mitigate, and resolve disputes that have an impact on the children of that family. It is common for a parenting consultant to work with divorcing couples to help them resolve questions and conflicts about:

● the amount of time the children will spend with each parent after the divorce.
● the nature of child custody (for instance, whether custody will be the responsibility of one parent or if the agreement will be joint legal custody).
● and even more common, everyday matters such as schooling, healthcare, religious affiliation, and others.

In other words, if parents who are divorcing have an issue that requires attention and resolution, a parenting consultant can be enormously helpful. AMS Mediation provides excellent parenting consulting services. The nature of conflict almost always means that resolution is more likely when there is a presence of a neutral third-party. When conflict occurs among divorcing couples with children, the conflict tends to be heightened. Stress and anger can also feel heightened. Resistance to the spouse’s suggestions for resolution can be heightened. The presence of a qualified neutral third party can mitigate the intensity of the conflict, and this is an area in which AMS Mediation excels.

Experienced Parenting Consultant in MN

In some cases, parents in conflict during a divorce can cause a loss of perspective. In turn, that loss of perspective can result in increased stress on the children. Our parenting consultant services are exceptionally good at helping parents regain their sense of perspective and refocusing on what is in the best interests of their children.

The natural difficulty of divorce often causes parents to lose perspective, at least momentarily. When you work with AMS Mediation, you will find that regaining lost perspective is usually just a matter of reminding yourself of the importance of protecting your children. Most children are resilient and can get through your divorce with minimal stress. The process will be much easier if you work with AMS Mediation’s Parenting Consultant.
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