When a divorce is finalized, a new phase of the relationship between the ex-spouses begins, especially when children are involved. While many important issues have been finalized, in many cases, issues continue to arise around parenting that need to be solved. A divorced couple must continue to work together to solve problems after their relationship ends. Strong and clear communication is important and finding creative ways to compromise is key. AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN, offers a wide variety of parenting mediation resources for those who need help navigating parenting issues that come up after a divorce or breakup.

How Does Parenting Mediation Work?

Parenting Mediation is a very effective way to manage parenting problems that arise after a divorce is finalized. The court system is simply not set up to manage periodic problems that come up once a divorce is settled. The court system prefers that problems that arise later be settled by the parents themselves, even if the terms of the divorce were litigated in the court. Often times, parenting mediation is in fact recommended by the court to help solve issues that come up, as they are commonly related to communication problems and not the custody arrangements, support agreements or legal issues that have been settled on.

Parenting mediation gives you a voice and empowers you and your ex-spouse to control the discussion, defining your own unique priorities and coming up with creative solutions that work for everyone involved. Parenting mediation encourages stronger and more clear communication between parties and the trained mediator can help facilitate productive discussion that is positive and solution driven. With parenting mediation you can develop detailed Parenting Plans that are clear and define expectations for all involved, such as defining a holiday schedule, or adjusting a parenting schedule when it becomes clear that a change is needed. Parenting mediation is also cost effective and can be scheduled at times convenient for you.

AMS Mediation Offers Parenting Mediation Services

The team at AMS Mediation can help you and your ex-spouse handle a wide variety of parenting issues that come up after your divorce is finalized. Amber Serwat has been through a divorce herself and brings that knowledge, experience and compassion to your case. Your mediator does not make the decisions for you and your ex-spouse, but helps foster an environment where creative decisions can be found. In addition to parenting mediation, AMS Mediation offers additional parenting services including Parenting Time Expeditor, Parenting Consultant, Parenting Coach, as well as Parenting Education courses. For more information about parenting mediation, call 952-252-1492.