What to Expect from Mediation?AMS Mediation lets you know what to expect from mediation. You have at least one thing in common with many others who have found themselves searching for a mediator. In most cases, the expectations that people have prior to working with a mediator have to do with the enforce-ability of the agreements reached and whether or not the process will be fair. If the mediator with whom you are working is as well trained and experienced as Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation, it is likely that your expectations will be exceeded.

Mediation Allows You to Manage Conflict in a Productive Way

The first thing you can expect from mediation is a focus on reaching the best possible outcome for all of the people involved. If your conflict is with your spouse, for example, and you are working with AMS Mediation to settle a divorce, we understand that there is great potential for the situation to be emotionally charged. Conflicts of many types, and especially divorce-related conflict, involve a wide range of emotions. And while no two conflicts are exactly alike, conflict by its nature tends to heighten the strength of the emotions experienced. AMS Mediation not only acknowledges these facts, we will work with you to identify the sources of the emotions and help you manage them so that they are more productive.

We also believe in creating an environment where the people experiencing the conflict recognize the value of working collaboratively to resolve the issues between them. When couples with children seek mediation to help them through their divorce, you can expect that AMS Mediation will prioritize the health and well-being of your children. We have found that most parents feel relief when they learn that their children are our number one priority, which in turn allows them to focus on solutions. Achieving solutions often means that both people have to compromise. Compromise can be difficult, but when it is done with the welfare of your children in mind, it becomes easier because of its necessity.

Using Strong Communication to Reach Solutions in Mediation

AMS Mediation works hard to help you establish strong communication, so we model strong communication when working with our clients. Modeling it for you allows us to facilitate better communication between you and the person with whom you are in conflict. You can expect that the time you spend working with AMS Mediation will likely relieve you of a significant amount of the stress you have been under.
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