When Should I Consider Divorce Mediation?If you and your spouse have decided to seek a divorce, you may be overwhelmed about just how to move the process forward. Navigating the divorce process in the midst of conflict and emotional distress is difficult. In fact, many agree that divorce is one of the most stressful life events. Divorce mediation is a useful and effective method of settling all aspects of a divorce without adding to the already adversarial nature of the event. AMS Mediation specializes in divorce mediation and helping couples through this difficult process. 

Additional Reasons To Consider Divorce Mediation

  1. Many states actually require that an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) process be attempted before a couple moves forward with litigation.  The court system is overflowing with cases, making it extremely difficult to get on the schedule. Mediation is considered an ADR process so working with a trained divorce mediator is supported by the courts.
  2. There are many benefits of pursuing mediation rather than engaging in a court battle. Mediation is less expensive (20-50%) and takes significantly less time than litigation. This is extremely important to families who are ready to move forward with their lives. Mediation allows for creative solutions to issues that are unique to your family situation and empowers you and your soon to be ex-spouse to work together to solve problems, rather than relying on a judge for this.
  3. Mediation also lays a strong foundation for future co-parenting. Divorce may be the end of one phase of your relationship, but is the beginning of another if you share children. A mediated divorce actually decreases the overall conflict and makes future issues easier to manage.
  4. Mediation also allows for confidentiality that a court battle cannot.  You do not have to tell your story multiple times to a lawyer and a judge. State laws protect mediation discussions, communications and notes from being discovered and used as evidence in court as well as prevent a mediator from being called as a witness in a trial.

Learn More About Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation has an 80-90% success rate so it works for the vast majority of couples who try it. If you would like to learn more about the mediation process, AMS Mediation offers free consultations so that you can ask questions about your specific case and concerns and decide how you would like to proceed. Call us at 952-252-1492 to get started.