Going through a divorce or dealing with on-going parental conflict is difficult and disruptive for all involved.  Without proper safeguards the process of ending a marriage or parenting after divorce can be emotionally overwhelming, legally daunting, and financially devastating.   Unfortunately, the adversarial legal process is not structured to provide a diplomatic marital ending or facilitate a smooth transition from marriage partner to parenting partner; nor does it provide cost-effective or timely assistance when parents struggle with on-going conflict.  In my opinion, the traditional legal system devours substantial financial resources and fractures families – it’s like pouring gasoline on a fire.  I learned the hard way with my own divorce and now I am dedicated to helping my clients succeed in spite of the crisis.

I provide superior professional divorce and parenting services which are efficient, effective, respectful, informative, and non-judgmental.  I help my clients achieve affordable, real life, workable solutions.  My client-centered process empowers individuals to create fair and reasonable agreements which satisfy their unique needs and circumstances.  Two key components of my philosophy are conserving financial resources and developing successful Parenting Partnerships.

Regain control of your life and protect your future by selecting a divorce (or parenting) process which respects your sense of fairness and prioritizes your family’s well-being.   Real success is possible – it takes hard work, dedication and some solid professional assistance.  Please contact me to discuss how my services may benefit you.