Divorce mediation in Minnesota works because it allows you to complete your entire divorce in less time, with less conflict and with significantly less expense than with the traditional legal process.

Divorce mediation is faster than going through litigation. Parties determine how quickly they can progress through mediation and the process is streamlined because there is a focus on settlement. Although it seems minor, this change in mindset is key to the success of divorce mediation.

Mediation allows divorcing parties to determining their own outcomes and future. With the mediator guiding them through the process, parties make their own decisions about property, financial and custody issues. An experienced mediator is critical to the process because a mediator knows the right questions to ask to ensure all topics are covered and that agreements reached are reasonable.

Mediation also offers privacy.  Mediation takes place in a private conference room, with only the mediator and parties (and attorneys) present.  Parties are more comfortable discussing their case, their goals for mediation, and their concerns in such a private setting.  Because mediation is a confidential process, the details of discussions are not revealed after the session concludes.  If the case settles, only the mediated agreement is incorporated into the parties’ final divorce decree.

If a case is hotly contested, parties may think that mediation is hopeless; however, mediation is beneficial for these cases as well.  In many divorce cases, one party becomes stubborn and makes unrealistic demands that would never be awarded in court.  An experienced mediator can help identify unreasonable or impractical requests which may provide the wake-up call that a party needs to compromise and settle.

Mediation provides parties in a divorce case an opportunity to maintain control over their settlement agreement and to finalize their case in an amicable manner.