Amber Serwat has served the community of Burnsville, MN for more than a decade as a trusted and respected mediator. She specializes in divorce mediation, offering a fair, equitable and affordable alternative to traditional divorce via the court system. In fact, courts are encouraging divorcing couples to work through a mediator first to settle their divorces. If you are getting ready to begin the divorce process and believe your best option is mediation, our mediation team would be glad to help you navigate this process.

Benefits of Mediation Over A Court Battle

Choosing mediation to settle your divorce offers many important benefits. Court processes are most often much more expensive and offer far less control for divorcing couples than divorce mediation. Using a qualified divorce mediator can maximize your ability to finalize your divorce with minimal conflict. AMS Mediation is built on the idea that to solve the conflict that exists among couples, communication must improve. To complete a divorce process via mediation requires a willingness to understand each other’s perspectives. Even if this seems impossible or you feel like your divorce is too complicated or complex, our team can help.

AMS Mediation places great importance on providing ethical, impartial and practical strategies so that each person affected by the divorce understands that fairness is vital to future communication. After all, divorce ends a marriage, but it does not necessarily end the relationship. This is especially true in most cases that involve children. If co-parenting is part of the post-divorce plan, you and your divorcing spouse will have to figure out how to communicate better with each other for the long-term well-being of your children.

Navigate Divorce and Look To Your Future

Couples going through the end of a relationship naturally feel a sense of loss. That feeling can be experienced through emotions like anger, frustration, bitterness, sadness, and countless others. AMS Mediation, led by Amber Serwat, understands the range of emotions that divorcing couples feel. Moreover, we’re able to translate our understanding of the complex emotions associated with divorce to actions that start the process of healing.

Our goal is to make the mediation process as simple and easy and straightforward as possible, beginning with contacting us. If you’d like to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, you can call us at 952.252.1492, or email us at We can help you settle all aspects of your divorce so that you can move forward toward your future, rather than focusing on your past!