When you said “I do,” to your spouse, you likely never imagined that–in what seems like just a blink of an eye– you would be faced with the idea of divorce.  Divorce is not something entered into lightly and rarely, if ever, without intense emotion.  Litigating a divorce through the court system only exacerbates an already potentially adversarial relationship and highlights all of the areas of disagreement between the divorcing couple.  Divorce Mediation has become a popular and less adversarial option for couples settling a divorce.  If you and your spouse are considering your options for divorce, AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN can help you navigate your divorce while keeping in mind the need to conserve financial resources and, if you have children, to develop a healthy parenting partnership, putting the children’s needs first.

The State of Minnesota now requires divorcing couples with no previous history of domestic violence to participate in a process such as mediation before going through the court system.  In addition to this guideline, there are many benefits for trying mediation before going through the court system to settle your divorce:

Cost: Divorce mediation is far less expensive and takes less time (and fewer resources) than a court battle.  Most estimate that mediation costs 20-50% less.

  • Confidentiality: Divorce mediation is entirely confidential and you do not have to engage in a brutal, public court battle.
  • Higher compliance rates: Generally speaking, when a divorcing couple finds common ground in their divorce settlement, long term compliance rates are much higher than when one or both are forced into complying with a court ruling.
  • Sets tone for more positive relationship: Mediation helps set a positive tone for your future.
  • Gives you control: You are in control of the items that are discussed and can focus on issues that are specifically relevant to your case.
  • Models positive behavior for children: Perhaps the most important reason to give mediation a try is that it shows your children that you can work together toward a future with them in mind.

Divorce Mediation:  Achieve A Fair And Affordable Outcome

The team at AMS Mediation has been helping couples through their divorces for years, drawing from the personal experience of Amber Serwat.  Amber’s client centered approach empowers the divorcing couple to determine their own priorities for settling the divorce and allows the couple to achieve a fair and affordable solution that works for all involved. If you and your spouse have decided that you are heading toward divorce, consider divorce mediation before you go through a lengthy court battle.  Call Amber and her team at AMS Mediation at 952-252-1492 for more information, or to schedule a free consultation.