By Law, Do Mothers Have Greater Custody Rights?

In order to make custody determinations the court evaluates the best interests of the children using 13 key factors which are defined in MN 518.17. In addition to being financially expensive, formal custody evaluations are also often highly adversarial and emotionally damaging for all involved, especially the children. In the end, a “victory” is often bittersweet and both parents will have some amount of court ordered parenting time. Rather than seek to prove that one parent is better than the other, it is critical to recognize that both parents are important in different ways – each providing that which can only be given by a mother or a father. You are the experts about your life and your children. You are the best qualified to make decisions about how to restructure your family and parenting time after divorce. As your mediator, I help you evaluate and discuss parenting time options and make child-focused decisions about how each of you will remain significantly involved with your children.

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Sep 08, 2012
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i recently had a baby boy. he almost 4 months old. the father and i have never been married, and our son has my (the mother) last name. my boyfriend and i are no longer together because he has been a negative factor in my life and dont want him around me or my son anymore. what rights does he have? i have refused to let him see my son. what rights would he even have? i refuse to share my child.. and i am scared of what is going to happen.. any advice or input/knowledge would be greatly appreciated!! thanks much!!

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