Separate Parenting Help

AMS Mediation has a well-earned reputation for excellence in divorce mediation, conflict resolution, co-parenting agreements, and finding solutions for couples who simply cannot get along. Along with those services, AMS Mediation is also able to provide you with parenting support as you separate not only your lives, but your parenting efforts after your divorce. In fact, it is common for many parenting issues to come up during and after a divorce and it is simply impossible to think that a court can solve each of these issues. Mediation allows you and your ex-spouse to find solutions to problems as they arise, in order to minimize the conflict, and lessen the impact on your children. In addition, our team understands that sometimes issues are directly related to the divorce or the strife between the two parents and other times it may not be related to that at all. Working with the team at AMS Mediation of Burnsville MN can provide you with parenting support that will truly make a difference with your children.

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Divorce Mediator

If you do not yet know what mediated divorce is, and you are in the process of seeking a divorce from your spouse, AMS Mediation offers an alternative to the more familiar form of pursuing divorce through the court system that is—for most people—less expensive, more convenient, and likely to reduce the stress that so many people in the process of divorce experience. The laws of Minnesota are different from the laws of other states, and at AMS Mediation, we are experts in the field of divorce mediation.

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Putting Your Children First During and After Divorce

When you are navigating a divorce, it is easy to get caught up in all of the disagreements, the feelings of loss, the pain of the past, and the uncertainty of the future. Emotions are also extremely high before, during and after divorce, and losing perspective can happen very easily. The one thing that should remain a priority throughout the entire divorce process is your children. Keeping them at the forefront of your mind at every step is difficult, but necessary so that they can come through the divorce healthy and shielded from all of the strife. After all, they did not ask for this change in their life and want to remain connected to both parents for the rest of their life.

Divorce and Parenting Mediation Services

The team at AMS Mediation understands that divorce can impact every single member of a family and will work closely with you to keep your children the priority throughout the process. We offer a mediated divorce for couples who would like to navigate the process without going through the adversarial court system. Mediation allows you and your ex-spouse to define the terms of your own divorce and be creative about solutions that will work best for all involved. You can use mediation to solve issues like division of assets and property as well as child support payments and, perhaps most importantly, developing a parenting plan that outlines how your children will split their time with each of you. Divorce mediation helps you focus on your future, rather than on your past.

In addition to high quality, compassionate and responsive mediation services, our team at AMS Mediation also offers many other divorce and parenting support services that can help you navigate the process while keeping your children as the priority. These services include:

Successfully Navigate Your Divorce

The cornerstone of all services provided by Amber Serwat and AMS is child focused. Amber can help you keep this perspective throughout the divorce process and put a plan in place so that this continues even well after the divorce is final. Our team also understands the financial burden divorce can cause and works to help you conserve financial resources during the process. For more information about partnering with our team at AMS Mediation, call us today at 952.252.1492.

Alimony Mediator

Alimony is the amount of money one spouse is either obligated or has agreed to pay their former spouse after the completion of a divorce settlement. This can be determined either by a judge when the couple takes part in a court proceeding to finalize a divorce, or it can be something agreed upon with the assistance of a divorce mediator. At AMS Mediation, we offer divorcing couples the chance to have more control over the results of your divorce than the courts can. Additionally, when you work with us, you will pay less than if you use lawyers to settle your divorce in court, and we will help you and your spouse get through the process with less stress and greater potential for reaching agreements that you can live with. Never is that more true than when determining alimony.

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How Does the Mediation Process Work?

Every couple who finds themselves in the process of divorce should pursue the most effective possible means of finalizing the divorce. At AMS Mediation, we believe that the evidence of the last several decades indicates that mediation is the best choice for finalizing a divorce for many couples. But before you determine that mediated divorce is the right choice for you, you must ask and understand the answer to the question, “How does the mediation process work?”

AMS Mediation conducts a number of joint sessions with the divorcing couple, during which we work with you on the three major parts of a divorce settlement. The main components of the divorce settlement are:

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