At AMS Mediation, we have earned a reputation for being a caring divorce mediation service. We want what is best for all of the people we work with, and do all we can to ensure that everyone who is affected by your divorce receives the attention they need and they deserve. While this is true across the board, this is even more important when it comes to children.

Putting Children First in Your Divorce

When adults decide to get married, they have the benefit of having at least enough life experience to then make adult decisions and take adult responsibility for their actions. Having children falls into those categories. And when adults decide to pursue divorce, their preparation is at least somewhat better than their children’s by virtue of having more life experience. That is not to say that divorce is easy for adults and difficult only for children. No, the truth is that divorce is almost always difficult for all people who are affected by it. But children are the most vulnerable people in a divorce situation because they lack life experience and cannot be expected to understand the complex nature of their parents’ relationship.

So our team at AMS Mediation works hard to be take children’s needs into account in our divorce mediation sessions with parents. Their vulnerability means that the stress of your divorce could influence their lives through adulthood. Our goal, therefore, is to help you proceed through your divorce from your spouse while maintaining a healthy perspective so that the conflicts that led to your divorce have a minimally negative impact on your kids.
The way we conduct our divorce mediation sessions is both standardized and customized. They are standardized in that we conduct ourselves with professionalism and use our training and experience to ensure fairness in all aspects of mediating your divorce. And, the sessions are customized in our efforts to see you and your spouse as unique individuals, whose needs are specific to you, and whose children deserve the best that our experience and expertise can provide.

Divorce Mediation Services, Burnsville, MN

We can help you in a number of ways to protect your children from the damage that divorce can do. In addition to helping you divide property and debt, we’ll help you determine such things as parenting time, parenting education tools, early neutral evaluations, and other services as needed. Our baseline is to help you achieve a workable, fair divorce. But beyond that, we want to make sure that you and your children are prepared for life after divorce. As difficult as divorce may be for you and your spouse, we’ll work to remind you in the kindest possible ways that children experience adult difficulty through children’s eyes. If you have children and you are considering a divorce, please contact us for a free consultation at 952.252.1492.