AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN, sets a high standard for the modern approach to divorce mediation.  Whereas divorce used to be an almost guaranteed difficult process that played out in the court system, with lawyers collecting enormous fees from the divorcing couple, it is now a process that provides a fairer and less costly alternative. Divorce Mediation has become a highly effective alternative, lower cost, less adversarial approach to battling with your divorcing spouse via the courts.

Finding Compromise During Divorce

With years of experience providing comprehensive divorce mediation services, AMS Mediation not only understands but empathizes with what you are going through from their own experience.  The combination of professional expertise and personal experience adds a depth of commitment to the approach that AMS Mediation will take in your divorce case.  Rather than seeking to use the enmity and anger that most couples have toward each other when divorcing, AMS Mediation seeks to mitigate the bad feelings that accrue in divorcing couples lives, and focus more on common ground, small victories that benefit both parties, and the positive outcomes that can come from seeing things clearly.

Importance Of Third-Party Mediator

To see things more clearly, however, often requires the presence of a neutral third-party.  By nature and definition, divorce mediators must be neutral in their work with divorcing couples.  Mediation, whether specific to divorce or other issues, means that the expert must operate without preconceived ideas about who is at fault in the divorce.  This allows AMS Mediation to work toward helping you find the best possible solution to your disagreements.

Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state.  This means that court-system representatives (judges), legal advisors (lawyers), and mediators cannot and do not approach the divorce process by assigning blame to the individual who might have been more at fault for the dissolution of the marriage.  In the court system, the no-fault law can encourage animosity and an adversarial approach to divorce.  But in the world of mediation, the art and science practiced by AMS Mediation invites you to find a creative solution to the differences that led you to seek divorce.

This can be especially important if you have children.  Determining how to separate assets, how you and your spouse divide debt, and finalize plans for child-support, spousal support (also known as alimony), parenting time plans, and other issues that directly affect children are well within the expertise and purview of AMS Mediation.  Call 952-252-1492 today for more information.
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