Help Parenting After DivorceParents face many challenges with ongoing parenting conflicts after a divorce. Learning to Co-Parent Effectively can be difficult but also very important for the wellbeing of the children. At AMS Mediation, we often see the same type of questions from clients who are in the divorce process or have recently finalized a divorce. We provide assistance for Managing Co-Parenting Challenges and forming a healthy new family structure.

Parenting After Divorce FAQs

Each family unit is unique and yet there are common issues that plague parents who are seeking to Co-Parent Effectively After Divorce. The following Frequently Asked Questions on Parenting After Divorce will hopefully address and answer many of the questions that you are faced with in your situation.

  1. How do I manage parenting problems after a break-up or divorce?
    1. Poor communication and ill-defined expectations are frequently at the core of ongoing parenting conflicts. The Minnesota Court system is not able to handle all of the problems that often have little to do with parenting time or custody issues.
    2. As a Parenting Consultant, AMS Mediation can help to resolve parental conflicts without costly or lengthy litigation.
  1. How do I go about changing the child support agreement?
    1. In cases where there has been a significant change in circumstances a child support adjustment may be possible. The process can be long and expensive. Working with a Qualified MN Mediator to reach a fair agreement on child support can expedite the process before submitting for judge’s approval.
  1. How do I alter the holiday schedule or parenting time?
    1. Life is unpredictable and parenting time schedules can be changed to better suit the needs of the children. A Parenting Time Expeditor or Parenting Consultant like AMS Mediation may help parents to reach a new agreement without the stress and expense of a legal custody evaluation.
  1. What do I do if my ex is moving away?
    1. Existing parenting time schedules can be upended when one of the parents moves. A new workable agreement can be reached with the assistance of a Parenting Consultant who is experienced with finding fair and reasonable solutions.
  1. What can I do if my children are unhappy with the current conditions?
    1. Changing the child custody agreement will not always solve the underlying issues that cause children to dislike the current agreement. Having a well defined parenting plan can mitigate problems that are often rooted in unresolved issues between the parents. A therapist can be very beneficial for sorting through issues and finding a positive resolution.
  1. What should I do if my ex’s partner is interfering with parenting issues?
    1. Creating healthy boundaries for dealing with parenting partnerships is important for maintaining a good co-parenting relationship. A Parenting Consultant or Parenting Coach can be a great resource for resolving ongoing conflicts without negatively impacting the children.

Managing Co-Parenting Challenges

AMS Mediation is a wonderful resource for alternative conflict resolution between divorced parents. We provide Mediation Services that help with Managing Co-Parenting Challenges after divorce. As a Parenting Time Expeditor and Parenting Coach, AMS Mediation can help you to Co-Parent Effectively without the stress or time of expensive litigation in a Minnesota Court.

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