Parenting After Divorce Help MNDissolving a marriage is a difficult situation for anybody. The stakes are higher and emotions can run hotter when children are involved. It is quite common for parents to feel guilty about the impact their divorce has on the children. Co-Parenting Challenges are bound to come up. Its important for both yourself and your child that you settle into a healthy relationship and not become a “Disneyland Parent”. As a Professional Parenting Consultant, Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation can provide the assistance you need to be an Actively Involved Parent and role model for your child.

Overcome Co-Parenting Challenges

Your Time, Attention and Affection are so much more valuable to your children than are expensive gifts. Your child wants and needs to know that you care for them and are interested in his or her life. This is the foundation necessary to raise children into well-adjusted adults. Don’t let your guilt or fear of losing a connection with your child push you further away from them at a time when you need each other. Help is available at AMS Mediation for divorced parents who want to overcome Co-Parenting Challenges and raise Well-Adjusted Adults.

Actively Involved Parents

An important factor for Divorced Parents to avoid falling into the trap of being a buddy rather than a roll model is to remain an Actively Involved Parent. The following are tips on how to nurture a healthy and loving relationship with your child and avoid pitfalls of being a non-residential parent.

  • Frequent Contact either in person or with the help of technology will show your child that you are interested and involved in their life.
  • Provide Structure, Discipline and Affection to allow your child to learn boundaries and have the tools necessary to become a well-adjusted adult that holds down a job and maintains long-term relationships.
  • Actions and Words mean so much more to your child than buying expensive gifts. Spend quality time together whether at your child’s activities, school or special interests.
  • Take the Initiative to stay in contact with important people in your child’s life. Don’t rely on the other parent to inform you of sporting events and school activities. Be responsible for your own active role in his or her life.
  • Be Respectful of your child’s other parent by avoiding negative comments in the presence of the children. Encourage a loving relationship by sharing memories or paying a compliment.

Professional Parenting Consultant

AMS Mediation provides help with Parenting After a Divorce. We are Professional Parenting Consultants and Coordinators with MN Court appointed authority on parenting issues. Our expertise and resources are invaluable for parents dealing with Co-Parenting Challenges. Learn how to be Actively Involved Parents and good role models for your children.

Contact AMS Mediation for help with Co-Parenting Challenges and Nurturing a Healthy Relationship with your child by calling (952) 252-1492.