Divorce puts a strain on the entire family.  The couple that has decided to split up must navigate and find common ground on issues such as division of property and assets, child support, child/spousal support ,and a parenting plan that works well for all involved. The children from the marriage struggle with the emotions related to all of the changes in their lives such as a new schedule and the feelings of loss of their intact family.  Some of the most complex and difficult issues are focused on developing a new parenting structure that works for both the divorcing parents and the children.  AMS Mediation provides strong parenting mediation services for those in the Apple Valley, MN area in order to help families find balance. Our mediation is efficient, effective, respectful, informative and non-judgmental.

Parenting Mediation Services

It is very easy for children to get caught up in the conflict between divorcing parents.  An environment with high conflict makes it very difficult for adults to parent well.  AMS Mediation offers parenting services that can help families who find themselves in a high conflict environment and want to find solutions to these problems. The goal of these parenting mediation services is to develop workable agreements with clear expectations, behavioral guidelines and accountability.

Parenting services offered by AMS Mediation in the Apple Valley, MN area include:

  • Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE): A parenting time expeditor (PTE) is a court ordered specialist that focuses on resolving parenting time disputes without expensive and adversarial legal processes.
  • Parenting Consultant: A parenting consultant can help you resolve a very broad spectrum of issues related to parenting issues after a divorce including parenting time, holiday schedules, communication, school placement, education, activities, medical protocols, transfers, child care, and discipline.
  • Parenting Coach: A Parenting Coach offers individual support and guidance to a parent who is hoping to more positively contribute to a Parenting Partnership and offer more positive parenting behaviors to their children.
  • Parenting Mediation: Process designed to resolve issues that come up after a divorce without having to involve the court.  A mediator acts as a neutral moderator and helps facilitate solutions that work for both parties as well as the children.

For more information about the wide variety of parenting mediation and support services offered by AMS to those who are in any stage of the divorce process, call (952) 252-1492 to set up a free one hour consultation to get started.